Cyrus. W.Field

 Cyrus W.Field  The driving force behind the Transatlantic cable.

Cyrus. W.Field  The driving force behind the Transatlantic cable.

Field an American businessman who is thought by many historians as one of the greatest Americans of the 19TH century. His greatest accomplishments lay in the bottom of the Atlantic for more than 150 years.

Cyrus was born in 1819 and had retired by the time he was 33 he made his fortune in making paper for stationary. Field was a self made man he started this company at the tender age of 18. It was here he honed his skills in negotiation and became a formidable businessman.

Field had a workaholic mindset while this brought him financial success also it brought ill health which forced him to retire  under doctors orders at a  young age. Field then put plans in place to enjoy life and travel the world with his wife. However this was not to be his destiny.


The hand of Destiny

Fields had a meeting one night in January 1854 with a British engineer named Frederic Gisborne which would change his life forever.   Frederic  told him of the project he was in charge of to bring Telegraph  line across Newfoundland.

This was an extremely important project as it would significantly reduce the steamers  time of crossing the Atlantic with news.  The steamers would sail to Newfoundland with urgent messages and from there it would be flashed to New York.

This project failed as the cost was far greater than the budget and the Newfoundland electric Telegraph Company went bankrupt. This is why Gisbourne had met with Field in the hope of raising capital. However Field promised nothing, but later than that night while Field was in his study he examined the globe.

An Idea is Born

As he looked at his globe he made the realisation that the Newfoundland project would be a part of a greater project. Cyrus Field thought why wait for steamers to bring the news why not let the cable do the lot.

From here the whole idea of the transatlantic cable began. Cyrus became obsessed with this idea he did not know how he was going to do it. He also knew it would take enormous amounts of money. None of this deterred Cyrus and he was even more determined.

This determination is what drove the transatlantic cable to a reality in 1858 despite many years of setbacks and failures: This is why Cyrus W Fields was the driving force behind the Transatlanic cable.

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