Descendants of the Founders of the Transatlantic Cable gather on Valentia Island

Descendants of the Founders of the Transatlantic Cable gather on Valentia Island

On the June weekend in a unique twist of faith the direct descendants, of the two people most responsible for bringing the Transatlantic Cable to Valentia Island, will unite for the launch of an International Transatlantic Cable Heritage project.

Cyrus Field IV who is the great, great grandson of Cyrus Field will attend the ‘Transatlantic Communications and Light Gathering’ on Valentia Island along with the Current Knight of Kerry Sir Adrian Fitzgerald who is the great, great grandson of the Knight of Kerry who was responsible for facilitating the Cable connection to Valentia. Both men became good friends and now their descendants will rekindle that friendship in the year of the gathering.


“The Cable has been uniting North America and Europe since the 1866. Designation of Valentia as a potential World Heritage site acknowledges one of the first wonders of modern-day communication.  Our family is delighted to be supporting this initiative” said Field.


“Preserving the Transatlantic Telegraph landing sites is an opportunity to celebrate one of humanities modern marvels of the 19th Century” he added.

Cyrus. W. Field was the driving force behind the Transatlantic Cable. Field who was an American businessman is thought by many historians as one of the greatest Americans of the 19TH century. His greatest accomplishments lay in the bottom of the Atlantic for more than 150 years. Cyrus was born in 1819 and had retired by the time he was 33 he made his fortune in making paper for stationary. Field was a self made man he started this company at the tender age of 18.

It was here he honed his skills in negotiation and became a formidable businessman. Field had a workaholic mindset while this brought him financial success also it brought ill health which forced him to retire under doctors orders at a young age. Field then put plans in place to enjoy life and travel the world with his wife. However this was not to be his destiny.

His determination is what drove the transatlantic cable to a reality in 1858 despite many years of setbacks and failures: This is why Cyrus W Fields was the driving force behind the Transatlanic cable.

In addition the Current Knight of Kerry Sir Adrian Fitzgerald will give a presentation which is titled “The Influence of the Knights of Kerry”  on Monday June 3rd at 7:00 pm in St John the Baptist Church, Knightstown.

This talk will give an overview of the Knights of Kerry in Dingle, Listowel and Valentia. It will also examine the careers of the two Knights most associated with Valentia, Maurice 18th Knight and Peter 19th Knight and finally it will provide a pocket history of the Cable Laying Project c1856-1867.

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