The talks that are taking place at the Gathering will be added as confirmed:

Eoghan Leahan is to speak at the Gathering  at 2pm on Saturday June 2nd in St. John the Baptist Church

The presentation is entitled “Commissioners of Irish Lights and Lighthouses of Ireland” and will provide information on the history and role of Irish Lights together with a pictorial tour of lighthouses around the Irish coast.  Eoghan Lehane is the Operations & Property Manager with the Commissioners of Irish Lights.



Current Knight of Kerry to speak at The Transatlantic Communications and Light Gathering: Monday June 3rd at 7:00 pm. St John the Baptist Church.

Sir Adrian Fitzgerald the current knight of Kerry will give a presentation which is titled “The Influence of the Knights of Kerry”    

This talk will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the Knights of Kerry in Dingle, Listowel and Valentia
  • Examination of careers of the two Knights most associated with Valentia, Maurice 18th Knight and Peter 19th Knight
  • Pocket history of the Cable Laying Project c1856-1867.


Richard Williams Talk taking place on Monday 3rd June 6pm.

The Histories of the two churches of St. John the Baptist on Valentia from 1771.

The lecture will include explanations as to ecclesiastical architecture and stain glass windows together with the rise and decline of Protestantism on Valentia taking into account the Act of Disestablishment of 1869.


Michael Lyne  to speak at the Transatlantic Communications and Light Gathering.

Michael will speak on the History of the Transatlantic cable he cover all of the parts of the rich history of the cable from its inception to its final success including the failures and the personalities.  Click here for a synopses of Michael’s talk.

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