Valentia will host an event entitled “The Transatlantic Communications and Light Gathering”

On the weekend of May 31st to June 3rd, 2013, Valentia will host an event entitled “The Transatlantic Communications and Light Gathering”.

 This will include the launch of an International Heritage project, celebrating the historic contribution that Valentia has made to technology of the modern age – linking Europe to North America with the Transatlantic Cable.

As part of this weekend the importance of Valentia’s link to the Transatlantic Cable and the opportunity to explore its International heritage significance will be looked at. Among the prestigious names attending this weekend will be Professor Alexander Gillespie who will talk about the possibility of a Transatlantic Cable International Heritage site on the island.

Professor Gillespie is the first New Zealander to be named Rapporteur for the World Heritage Convention, involving international environmental diplomacy. Professor Gillespie is also the legal and policy advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Conservation and provides commissioned work for the United Nations, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and commercial and non-governmental organisations in New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

It is hoped that as many locals as possible attend this talk as it could have serious potential for Valentia Island and the wider community as a whole.

The talk is on at 3pm on Saturday June 1st in St. John the Baptist Church, Knightstown. Also please note for the opening of the Lighthouse on Sunday please park at Knightstown, shuttle buses will be running from St. John the Baptist Church from 3pm on Sunday the 2nd.

This was a report from the Kerryman

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